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Set include: Skirt Only

Material: Polyester Brocade Fabric and Gold Thread.

Style: Embroidered with flowers and phoenix

Color: White

Season: Spring/Autumn/Winter

Status: 1 week 

Size Chart (cm)

Size Skirt Length Waist Circumference
S 98cm 70cm
M 101cm 75cm
L 104cm 80cm
XL  107cm 85cm

Fact: Mamian skirt, also known as 马面裙 (ma mian qun), is widely popular among the Han Chinese in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. 

Styling tips: Mamian skirt matches well not just with blouses and long robes of ancient dynasties, but also in modern context. Pair it with a cami, tees, work blouse, or even corset to achieve a chic and savvy look.