Meet Princess Pingyang, a fearless woman who lived during the tumultuous times of ancient China. Born in the 590s to Li Yuan, the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty, she was destined for greatness. When her father planned to rebel against the tyrannical Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty, Pingyang fearlessly answered his call, defying all odds.

With her husband hesitant to join her, Pingyang made a bold decision and went alone, confident that her gender would offer her some protection. And boy, was she right! She quickly rallied hundreds of men, distributing her wealth among them and earning their unwavering loyalty. With her army of rebels growing, Pingyang led the charge, capturing cities left and right, and soon had a force of over 70,000 men!

Her father was impressed by her military genius and granted her the coveted title of General, and the nickname "Army of the Lady". The following year, they successfully overthrew the Sui Dynasty, and Li Yuan established the Tang Dynasty, crowning himself Emperor Gaozu, with Princess Pingyang by his side.

Sadly, Princess Pingyang died a few years later, but her father ensured that her contributions would never be forgotten. When the Ministry of Rites refused to grant her a grand military funeral, citing that it was not suitable for a woman, Emperor Gaozu vehemently disagreed. He reminded them of her valiant efforts in helping establish the Tang Dynasty and how she had played a critical role in their victory. "She was no ordinary woman," he said, and ordered her a grand military funeral fit for a hero.

Truly, Princess Pingyang was a force to be reckoned with, a brave and brilliant leader who defied expectations and paved the way for future generations of women.

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