A Chinese Literature and Hanfu Enthusiast from a sunny island near the equator who frequently travels to The Middle Kingdom to immerse in its culture, exploring its archaeological sites and some of world’s most beautiful natural scenery.

About Us

Here in The Hanfu Story, we believe in understanding the roots of our culture and spreading the beauty of it to the rest of the world. With over 250 branded and exclusive products available, The Hanfu Story is rapidly becoming the market leader in the Hanfu world.  

Hanfu have been a long-standing, traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group throughout many different dynasties until the Cultural Revolution. Below are the different styles of Hanfu which has evolved over time.

With Han descendants making up of 90% of the Chinese population today, young Chinese are exploring Hanfu more stylistically than ever as a sign of promoting cultural awareness and confidence.

We firmly believe that, regardless of where you are from, one can gain an eye-opening experience into the Chinese culture and arts while wearing Hanfu whilst bringing out the beauty of Hanfu on yourself. With cultural appreciation done right, everyone shares equal rights to connect, or reconnect with it.